Why You Should Have Health Insurance

In America we demand the best and American health care is the best, but with this comes the high costs of providing this care. With Americans wanting the newest treatments for their ailments the health care industry must keep innovating and developing new procedures and products. As with any new technology these products and procedures cost millions of dollars to develop and produce, and that cost is built into what the doctor or hospital is going to charge for these services.As everyone already knows the costs of health care are ever increasing. Health insurance is a way to control these costs. When a health insurance carrier starts to develop a network of doctors and hospitals they negotiate payments for procedures, office visits, prescription drugs and any other costs that may affect their members. The only way to get these negotiated rates is to buy into the insurance companies’ health plan. By negotiating these rates the insurance company is making sure that you are getting the best available health care at the best possible price.By not participating in a health plan you will be paying the full price for all medical costs through the medical provider that you have chosen. Many people think that they do not need health insurance because they never get sick and are generally very healthy. Unfortunately we cannot predict or control accidents or sudden and serious illnesses that require immediate medical care. These costs can add up very quickly and unless you are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year (and I suspect that most of you don’t), the cost of these unforeseen events might ruin your financial health.The majority of the insured population has their medical benefits provided to them by their employer. If employer sponsored coverage is an option this is more often than not the best way to go. If employer sponsored health coverage is not an option then the individual market is the next best option. Most of the people who seek insurance in the individual-market are small business owners, entrepreneurs, students, and the self employed.In the individual health insurance market, you are placed into a pool with other members all paying individual premiums. When medical costs arise from this pool of members, the insurance company uses the premiums to pay for the members’ medical expenses. Basically, this is how health insurance works, members pool resources together that are redistributed as needed to fund health care.